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MTV’s Suspect (Ep.4 Review)

Tonight, Nev and iO took on two more cases and, as usual, I was completely focused on the show, but one case, in particular, kept me engrossed because a rare medical condition was involved.

Case 1: Nev and iO traveled to Arizona to meet with Quinton, who was very concerned about his brother Jeremy. Jeremy is a professional runner and he is currently training to run in the 2016 Olympics. A couple years ago, while Jeremy was training for the 2012 Olympics he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which is a rare medical condition that involves the brain. With this condition fluid builds in the brain, which leads to pressure in the skull and causes the head to enlarge. After Jeremy was diagnosed, he had to stop training because he needed to undergo chemotherapy and respiration to help get rid of the tumors that were also found.

According to Quinton, Jeremy had been acting strange. He’d been losing weight, throwing up, experiencing nose bleeds and he noticed that his running performance had started to decline. He got in contact with the show because he was afraid that the hydrocephalus had returned.

This case was very touching. It was sad to watch, but when they actually met with Jeremy and found out what was really going on with him, things got a little worse. What they found out was heartbreaking, but the way they handled the situation closed the case perfectly. I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to give too much away, but this is definitely a case that you should watch.

Case 2: This case was okay. It wasn’t very touching, but I was still interested in finding out the truth. For this case, they traveled to Nevada to meet with two brothers, Pierce and Roman, who were concerned about their mother, Sky’s, livelihood. They were concerned that she was escorting to make a living and, in turn, possibly putting her and their little sister, Annika’s, life in danger.

This case was kind of funny because they actually weren’t too far off with their assumption and their reaction to her news was entertaining. iO actually had to rein in one of the brothers because when he found out the truth he actually lost it for a second.

Overall, the first case was my favorite because it was so heartwarming. It revolved around two brothers that really loved and worshiped one another. They’re the best of friends, who share a close knit bond that the youngest brother considers unbreakable.

Also, as I’ve said in previous posts, iO’s actions during this episode was great. iO personally makes sure that the guests on the show are in the best health, both physically and mentally and it’s quite refreshing to watch.

I still love this show and I can’t wait until next week, so until then tell me what you thought about tonight’s episode of Suspect. 

Suspect airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Amira 😉

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