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ABC Network’s The Family (Pilot Review)


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ABC’s new, scripted thriller, The Family, premiered tonight and it was good.

The show, which is an hour long, is based around the Warren family and the return of their long lost son and brother, Adam (Liam James), who was eventually presumed dead. Adam disappeared a decade prior to the start of the show and while his mother, Claire (Joan Allen); brother, Danny (Zach Gilford); sister, Willa (Alison Pil); and father, John (Rupert Graves) were all initially happy to have him back, some family members slowly started to question if this young man is actually their missing brother and son.

The show itself was actually pretty interesting, but while I was watching it, I kept getting feelings of deja vu. I feel like I’ve watched a movie or TV show that had the same concept as The Family. But besides having those constant feelings of deja vu, it still held my attention throughout the whole hour that it was on.

As the show continued, some small secrets slowly came to light and they also dropped a couple breadcrumbs that hinted at some huge secrets that will probably be revealed later on in the season.

The addition of flashbacks was also pretty handy. They allowed the viewer to see how the family dynamic changed throughout the decade that Adam was absent. We were also able to see how the police officer who was in charge of the case, Nina Meyer (Margot Bingham), handled the case in the past and how she’s handling it now that Adam is alive. Nina is a tough detective. She didn’t pull any punches when she questioned Hank (Andrew McCarthy), who was the man that went spent 10 years in prison for killing Adam and she was just as harsh when she questioned Adam after he returned.

Apart of me commends her for being about her work and for being determined to solve the case, but the other part of me is giving her the side eye. Like everyone else on this show, she has her secrets, but one thing that she isn’t doing is continuing to use Adam to help further her career.

Overall, I will continue to watch the show, but I’m not sure for how long. Even though the Warrens and the people around them seem like they have some big skeletons hiding in their closets, I still feel like I’ll end up losing interest in this show. The secrets that were hinted at and the mystery that was created seem interesting, but I don’t think they’ll be enough to keep my watching.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy The Family? Let me know in the comments.

The Family airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Amira 😉



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