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MTV’s Suspect (Show Review)


Photo Credit: MTV Suspect Twitter

Last week, MTV premiered a new show titled Suspect, which stars Catfish’s Nev Schulman and activist and artist, iO Tillet Wright.

The show, which is an hour long and is split into two parts, has a investigative edge to it. At the beginning of each episode, Nev and iO are given a notebook that contains details from two different cases and it is up to them to help each “truth seeker” find out what’s really going on with their friend/family member/client, etc. In some of the cases, the truth seekers give Nev and his co-host an assumption and their reasoning for how they came up with said assumption and from there, it’s up to Nev and iO to find out the truth.

While the show is similar to Catfish, there are some differences. Instead of relying so heavily on the internet to help them solve the cases, the hosts have to actually go out and talk to friends and family members to get their answers.

For example, during last week’s episode, one of the truth seekers contacted Nev and iO to help him find out why his best friend was acting so strange. He stated that he was acting distant, taking huge amounts of pills and that he noticed that he had lost a huge amount of weight. He assumed that his friend was suffering from some type of disease. They had conversations with the truth seeker’s friend’s boyfriend and his baby’s mother before they just bit the bullet and contacted him directly to find out the truth.

There has only been two episodes, but, so far, I like the show. It’s definitely holding my interest.

Suspect, in my opinion, is more personal than Catfish. Although Catfish did have it’s sentimental moments, so far, both episodes of Suspect have been very touching and two of the four cases have involved some very heavy subjects and I think iO is the perfect person to help these people deal with whatever is revealed.

iO seems like a really openminded, caring and approachable person. During the two episodes that have been aired, iO was really invested in these peoples wellbeing. During one case, iO even cried. It was sweet to see and it even made me tear up. Nev is also supportive, but, from what I’ve seen, he mostly steps back and lets iO handle the tough stuff, which is cool. He brings humor to the show and I like watching him as well.

Overall, I like the show and I can’t wait until next week’s episode.

Suspect airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra: In one of the episodes, Nev was being such a bad boy that he needed and got a spanking. Definitely the highlight of my night.

*Click here to read the review for episode 3 of Suspect. 


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