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Shameless (Review..so far)


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I’ve been wanting to do a review of Shameless for a while now, but I didn’t get a chance to do it because I got so overwhelmed and I forgot, but I’m doing it now.

This review is going to be based on all the episodes that have happened so far. Last week was episode five, so I’ll be talking about episodes 1-5. I won’t be talking about tonight’s episode because it hasn’t aired yet. But, beware because I will be speaking openly about what happened in those episodes, so there WILL BE SPOILERS.

Since each Gallagher has their own storyline, I think it would be easier to list the characters and then tell you my thoughts on them and their storylines.

  1. Fiona: We’re only five episodes in and I’m already over her. I’m over her relationship with her boss and I’m over this pregnancy that she keeps trying to convince herself to terminate. She knows deep down that she doesn’t want to terminate that baby, so why not keep it. I get it, they live in poverty and bringing another baby into the mix would make things harder than they already are, but all of her siblings are pretty much taking care of themselves, so she doesn’t have to babysit them anymore and she’s still with the baby’s father, so he would be there to help her. The only sibling that she needs to take care of is Liam, but I’m sure if she asked one of the older Gallaghers they would take him off her hands for a minute. And what type of person pawns someone’s family heirloom?! That’s wrong on all different types of levels.
  2. Lip: His ‘relationship’ with his professor is done. That woman is not going to give up her career, livelihood and family for him. She may love him, which she couldn’t even admit to him, but she is not going to put everything she’s worked for on the line for him and, if I’m honest, I don’t blame her. He’s a teacher’s aide and resident assistant of his dorm. He doesn’t have any money, so he wouldn’t be able to support her, she would be supporting him. Plus, her husband and son would probably kill her. And what idiot would let their scorned ex have free rein of their bedroom?! That was a HUGE mistake, obviously.
  3. Debbie: Sweet, naive, Debbie who thinks that it’ll be a breeze to raise a child at 15 and who also thinks that following Frank’s lead is going to create a better life for her and her baby. No, no, no. Bad move on your part, Debbie. Just the fact that you’re trusting and following Frank, a man who was physically, mentally and emotionally absent for majority of your life, is proof that your not mature enough to be a mother. Frank doesn’t care about you or your baby. He’s just trying to set himself up. My mother doesn’t think that Debbie will end up being a mother. She thinks that maybe she’ll lose it or she’ll realize how hard it actually is and give it up for adoption and, a part of me, think that she might be right. I don’t see the writers making Debbie a teenage mom and I don’t think they would have two Gallaghers become mothers at the same time. Her feelings are the opposite of Fiona’s. Now, she’s so happy about this baby, but later on in the season, I think her feelings will change.
  4. Carl: The single ounce of comedy in this whole show. Carl is hilarious! This whole ‘wannabe black’ thing is ridiculous, but his actions are funny, a little outlandish, but still funny.
  5. Ian: My poor Ian. He’s the one Gallagher that I just want to put in my pocket and protect him from all the bad in the world. Ian is still trying to come to terms with this whole bipolar thing. I don’t think he’s fully accepted it, so he’s desperately trying to figure out his place in the world and in his family. I don’t think Mickey being absent is effecting him, yet. I think the writers are going to have him date around, so that, eventually, he’ll realize that Mickey is who he really wants to be with. I mean, since Mickey was sentenced to 8 years, he’s got, at least, half of that to figure out what he wants and he better want Mickey. They are the most authentic couple on this show, so the writers better not write their coupling off!
  6. Liam: Not much to say because he doesn’t have a storyline. He’s just the tag along, but at least he said a couple words.
  7. Frank: The true definition of shameless. He doesn’t care about nobody, but himself. Anytime you willingly pimp out your teenage daughter for your own benefit, that shows how coldhearted you are. Plus, you’re preying on cancer patients and families of cancer patients. Who does that?!

As for V, Kev and Svetlana, they’re storylines are okay. Kev needs to get over this guilt that he has toward his neighbor. I mean, it was messed up, but he really was annoying with those dogs and his motorcycle. Taking in refugees isn’t going to make anything better. Svetlana is being typical Svetlana. She is all about making money and I commend her for holding it down while Mickey is in prison.

Overall, the season is pretty good. We’re not even half way through yet, so I know that there’s tons more drama to come.

What are your thoughts on Shameless and its characters?

Shameless airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Amira 😉


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