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HTGAWM Returns (Review)


Photo Credit: Viola Davis’s Twitter

Annalise and the Keating 5 are all back for the winter premiere of How to Get Away With Murder. 

The episode picks up 2 weeks after the incident that took place at Catherine and Caleb Hapstall’s home, so Annalise is still healing from the gunshot wound that Wes gave her and her students are all still dealing with the consequences of that night. Wes’s suspicions toward Annalise have gotten worse. He already was suspicious of her because of Rebecca’s disappearance and now he suspects that she knew his birth mother. Annalise is, of course, being tight lipped about what she knows about his past, which makes me think that something big might have happened back then.

I always knew that there was something between Annalise and Wes. She always treated him different than she treated her other students and at some points, I even thought that she might have had sexual feelings for him, but maybe I was wrong and it was more of a motherly bond.

Asher isn’t doing well at all. He believes that someone murdered his father and made it look like a suicide. Of course, no one believes him, but I won’t put anything past Shonda Rhimes, so Asher might be on the right path. Occasionally, throughout the episode the viewer will be transported either a week or two before to see what each person went through during that time. They don’t give too much information away, but that’s typical for this show. Things don’t make sense at the beginning, but toward the end of the season everything will come together and we’ll all be shocked by what’s revealed.

One of the main points of the show focuses on Catherine’s trial (she’s being charged with murdering the lawyer, Emily Sinclair, and attempting to murder Annalise) and, if you remember, the whole reason why Annalise got shot was so that she could testify against Catherine in court, but her current state of mind is making that next to impossible. She’s having hallucinations that are making it harder for her team to trust that she’ll be believable in court.

Overall, this episode was good. It pretty much sets us up for the rest of the season. Annalise isn’t doing too good and it’s making me wonder if and how Shonda is going to spin Annalise’s issues. Her students don’t trust her anymore and I think that that may come to a head at some point in the season and her history with Wes seems like it’s going to be juicy, so I’m looking forward to all that coming out.

The relationships in the show aren’t as solid as they used to be and that makes me nervous. Every character on this show has a secret that can possibly get them jail time and if they feel that they can’t trust one another, they might end up accidentally spilling the beans and, in turn, bring down the whole group. That’s worse case scenario, but, still, it could happen. I just hope it doesn’t.

What did you all think of last night’s episode?

How to Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Amira 😉

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