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Rundown of the Wives (RHOP)

I don’t really have much to say about tonight’s episode. It seems like the outline of the episodes are all the same.

At the beginning, everything’s cool and everyone’s getting along, then, as the show continues, they have some type of meeting or gathering. During that gathering, they fight/argue and the show either ends with that or they ‘make up’ and start the cycle all over again. It’s really repetitive and, honestly, I’m starting to lose interest in this show.

The wives are okay, but my opinions of them are starting to change. During the first episode, I said that, out of all the ladies, Gizelle was my favorite, but during the last couple episodes, she’s been acting very petty. I don’t know what it is about Ashley, but she can’t seem to get along with her. She’s always throwing little digs and it’s annoying. It reminds of high school.

I didn’t like Karen and Charrisse from the first episode and that hasn’t changed. They both seem to bougie and uptight for my tastes. Karen swears that she is the matriarch of Potomac and that all the girls should bow down to her and, so far, there hasn’t been an episode where I hadn’t had to roll my eyes because of something she said. I think Charrisse’s uptight behavior stems from something else. Even though she swears that she likes living separately from her husband, I really don’t think she does, which will probably show in next week’s episode.

I don’t have much to say about Ashely because I’m still feeling her out. She hasn’t really done anything out of the ordinary, so she’s okay in my book…for now. Robyn’s unorthodox arrangement with her ex-husband is mind boggling. They are not longer married, but they behave as it they are (i.e. living in the same house and sleeping in the same bed). They also don’t date other people, so it’s like their married without the certificate.

The last housewife is Katie and out of all of the wives she gets on my nerves the most with her constant nagging about marriage. I feel so bad for her boyfriend, Andrew, because she is constantly asking and begging him to propose. He should (and I hope he does) propose when he is ready!

This show is not doing well with me. I’ll probably stop watching within the next episode or two.

Amira 😉


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