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The Fosters Return (Review)



This show is more drama than anything and this episode was used to set up the drama for the rest of the season. So, instead of wasting time blabbering on, I’m just going to get to what happened during the winter premiere.

To start off, we began with Brandon and Callie. If you remember, at the end of last season they slept together. We all know that that was a big no-no because they are officially foster siblings (Yay for Callie’s adoption!). So it seems like they are both walking on eggshells trying to make sure that their secret doesn’t get exposed, as well as, trying to keep their love for one another a secret. A.J., Mike’s foster son, also ties into Brandon and Callie’s little love fest because he and Callie are still hanging out. They seem to still have a thing for one another and, of course, Brandon isn’t feeling it, so he’s like a ticking time bomb.

Callie’s app, Fost & Found, captured the attention of some strange woman. I don’t trust her and I’m pretty sure she has something up her sleeve, but she offered Callie $50,000 and she showed interest in what Callie is trying to accomplish with her app, so she was made an administrator to the app, which I’m sure Callie is going to regret in later episodes.

Next, we have Steph and Lena. Steph is still pissed at Lena for kissing Monty, the principal of Anchor Beach, which is the school that Lena works at. Monty ends up approaching them and saying that if it would make their lives easier, she would resign from her job. They didn’t ask her to resign, which I was happy about because if they had I would have considered that overkill. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t have even offered to resign, but Monty is feeling guilty, so whatever.

The writers also brought back Lena’s breast cancer scare. When they introduced that last season, I knew that, somehow, it would end up playing a major role in the show. They also revealed why Jesus can’t or won’t go back to his school in Colorado. When he finally confessed, it was a bit of a let down, but I commend him for doing what he did. I don’t think anyone else in his position would have reacted the same way, so that’s good, I guess.

Speaking of Jesus, both of his ex-girlfriends have a run in. Lexi, whose family was deported from the United States a couple seasons ago, returns and she and Emma finally meet. Emma, the girl that was on the wrestling team with Jesus, is now Mariana’s campaign manager because she is running for Junior Class President. Of course, Lexi and Emma don’t get along and eventually Mariana had to chose between the two. She chose Emma and that pissed Lexi off, so she decided to get back at Mariana by running for Junior Class President as well. Petty as ever, but they are in high school, so what can you expect. I’m just anxious to see who wins. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Mariana, but there is still a small piece of me that thinks that the writers will throw us for a loop and let Lexi win.

Also, how awkward is it watching this new actor play Jesus? I’m still accustomed to seeing  Jake T. Austin play him, so it’s kind of throwing me off.

Jude is heartbroken because Connor is leaving to live with his mother in L.A. and Mike and Steph have a little spat because he found out who was driving the pick up truck that hit Mariana, Jesus and their birth mother, Anna last season. It was A.J.’s brother. Mike doesn’t want to tell anyone because A.J. just lost his grandmother and his brother is all that he has and, of course, Steph doesn’t agree. He and Steph come to the agreement that he will arrest him after their grandmother’s funeral, but that doesn’t work out.

They, meaning A.J. and his brother, end up finding out that he was the one that hit the Fosters and they decided to run after the funeral and because this is the premiere episode,  they get away and I know Steph is going to kill Mike. Steph also ends up getting a second opinion about her mammogram and my opinion about cancer being a big part of this season was correct.

That’s about it. Overall, I loved the episode. It makes me excited to see how the rest of the season will play out. They definitely got enough drama to keep us engrossed.

And I just want to say that Brandon and Callie are my favorite couple on this show, so I really want them to get together somehow, which means that A.J. needs to go away and Brandon needs to leave other females alone. From the beginning, they’ve had a strong connection and it hasn’t lessened in any capacity, so, in my eyes, they are meant to be.

I’m anticipating watching this season and I hope this review gets you excited as well.

The Fosters airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Amira 😉


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