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Jermaine Dupri’s Rap Game (Ep. 4 Review)


Clockwise from top: Lil Poopy, Miss Mulatto, Young Lyric, Supa Peach and Lil Niqo. Middle: Jermaine Dupri. Photo Credit: Lifetime

This week’s episode of The Rap Game was split into two parts and so far, Jermaine has tested the rappers on their abilities to follow directions, write and know/stick to their brand, so when we found out what the first half of the tonight’s episode would entail, I was shocked, but also intrigued.

Since the winner of this competition would be signed to Jermaine’s record label, So So Def, he needed to find out just how relatable and marketable they are, so he took them to a focus group. The twist was that their focus group was made up of their peers. The group of kids judged them by listened to the song that they recorded in episode two, the photos from episode three and a couple of their YouTube videos.

Of course the kids in the group were very straight forward. If they didn’t like something, they said it. One little boy, in particular, wasn’t pulling any punches. He was very passionate about his views on what he saw and heard. The rappers and their managers didn’t agree with a couple of the things that the kids mentioned, but Jermaine didn’t care. He was not only listening for his benefit, but he was also looking to see who would take the criticism that was given and use it to improve themselves.

I agreed with most of the things that was said, especially the stuff that was said about Lil Poopy, but, on the other hand, there was also some things that I didn’t agree with. All in all, I think that watching that focus group was really good for them because most of them think that they are better than they are, so its good for them to see that the people that would most likely be buying their albums (i.e. young kids) aren’t feeling them or can’t relate to them.

The second half of the episode was all about dancing. I was expecting to see something like this happen at some point during the season, so when it was brought up, I wasn’t surprised.

Jermaine brought in a choreographer to teach the kids a dance routine that they would later perform for him and right out the gate all, but one, was nervous about this challenge because dancing isn’t something that they do. They all struggled to get the dance down and, if I’m honest, it did look a little complicated, especially for someone who isn’t a dancer, but I think everything worked out. We found out that one of the kids was apart of a dance team and another was hiding a serious medical condition.

They got through it and when it came time to perform it before Jermaine they messed up a little, but they all made it through unscathed. He did make them do it twice because he gave out some pointers.

Out of all the episodes this was the funniest. Watching them, especially the boys, struggle to get those dance moves down was kind of comical (is that mean to say?). I can laugh because it’s not me, but I know if I were in there shoes it would have been just as crazy and I wouldn’t be laughing. Even though they all got it down, there was still one who stuck out the most and he, of course, used that to help him decide the placement of The Hit List.

Something else that was a little juicy this episode was the drama between the managers. Two of them had a little spat and while it could have easily been avoided, it was very entertaining and I’m wondering if we should expect more managerial drama.

This was a good episode and I’m pretty sure those kids are hoping and praying that they never have to dance again. Lol.

Until next week.

The Rap Game airs on Fridays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Amira 😉


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