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Bravo’s Potomac Housewives Premieres (Review)


Left to right: Charisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost and Ashley Darby. Photo Credit: Bravo

When I first heard about this new installment to the Real Housewives franchise I was excited. Not just because they were finally adding more women of color to the franchise, but also because the show is based in the state where I was born and raised: Maryland. I don’t know why, but having the show set in such close proximity made me even more excited to tune in.

But I’m sad to say that after watching the first episode, I was disappointed.

We saw five of the six housewives tonight and out of all five, I only really liked two. Majority of the women seemed judgmental, egotistical and bougie. They felt like they were trying to hard to be perfect and with the constant reiteration of, “We don’t do that in Potomac” and the subject of ‘proper’ Potomac etiquette, I was just floored and not in a good way.

Here’s a list of the wives that we met and what I thought about them:

  1. Gizelle Bryant: I liked her. She seemed really candid, fun and relatable. She has a really unique personality and she’s the type of person that you’ll either love or hate. Clearly, majority of the other wives fell in the later category. She was married to Jamal Bryant, the Baltimore pastor and founder of the Empowerment Temple AME Church. They were married for eight years before they filed for divorce because of an affair that he had. She has 3 daughters with her ex-husband and she comes from a prominent political family.
  2. Katie Rost: I didn’t like her, but, then again, she wasn’t my favorite either, so I’m still stuck in the middle with her. She seemed kind of shallow to me. She didn’t talk too much about herself so all I know is that she likes balls and galas, she was an international model, she has three small children with her ex-husband and she desperately wants her boyfriend, Andrew, to propose. She wasn’t very vocal this episode.
  3. Robyn Dixon: I liked her as well. She seemed really down to earth. Not someone who is afraid to have a good time. She falls into the same category that I put Gizelle in. She married and divorced NBA player, Juan Dixon, after he cheated on her. They have two sons together and even though they’ve been divorced for three years, they still live in the same house and sleep in the same bed. Interesting.
  4. Karen Huger: I did not like her. She was extremely judgmental. She said that she grew up on a farm and I feel like she’s trying so hard to be the HBIC. In my opinion, she was the worse. She’s married to Raymond, who is the president and CEO of an information technology company. On the show she said that he’s “the black Bill Gates.” When she said that I, literally, rolled my eyes and said, “Oh, please!” If you are number one on the food chain, you shouldn’t have to continuously say it; It should be known. She has two grown children. Her son is 27 and her daughter is 17.
  5. Charisse Jackson Jordan: Didn’t care for her either. She reminds me of Karen, but not so ‘in your face’ about it. During tonight’s episode, she was constantly talking about proper Potomac etiquette and it got on my nerves. Apparently, she’s well known in the Potomac social circle and, if that’s the case, than she probably lives her life by the etiquette book. She’s married to Eddie Jordan, who was a NBA player, but he now coaches basketball at Rutgers University. They live apart; he lives in New Jersey and she lives in Potomac. They have two teenagers.

Overall, I wasn’t happy with what I saw tonight. I was really hoping that I would like this installment as much as I love the one in Atlanta, but, so far, that’s not happening. I feel like the women in Atlanta are more relatable and more down to earth. Even though they be throwing major shade, they still seem like they would be a lot of fun to chill with. If given the opportunity to meet one of the two, I would choose the Atlanta wives because I feel like the Potomac wives would be looking down their noses at you (well all except Gizelle and Robyn. They would probably join in the fun) and nit pick about everything you do. I mean, who argues over a chair? If it bothers you that much than let it be known right then. Don’t hold on to that anger for days. It’s not healthy.

I’m going to continue to watch at least two more episodes and hope that things get better. If not than in the bucket it goes. We didn’t meet the sixth housewife tonight, Ashley Darby, but if the sneak peek of the season is any indication, she’ll be good for this show. Very entertaining.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Amira 😉

A Little Extra : I was curious about what they would have the housewives holding in their hands during the opening credits. Maryland is famous for its crabs and I knew they wouldn’t be holding that, so I guess a glass of champagne/wine is okay. Their pickings were slim.




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