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Ariana Grande’s Holiday EP Review


With the holidays coming around people are starting to look forward to presents, quality time with friends and family and, of course, all the holiday music that has been or will be released.

When I think of Christmas music I think of the classics like This Christmas, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night, Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town, etcetera. You guys know what I mean. But this year a certain pop star decided to surprise her fans with an EP containing some original holiday songs.

Who is that pop star, you ask? Well she is none other than Ms. Ariana Grande.

Two days ago (Dec. 18), she released an EP entitled, Christmas & Chill. The EP contains six original holiday songs that she co-wrote and recorded in her home studio. The songs are all very short (all coming in under 2 minutes and 50 seconds) and they aren’t what I would consider ‘traditional’ holiday music.

In my opinion, they are more sexually fueled. With lyrics like, “I’m down for lovin’/You’ll be my drummer boy/and I’m the only drum that you’re gonna play,” she’s definitely becoming more comfortable with her body and her sexuality.

While I wasn’t completely sold when I first heard the EP, I can say that the songs are very catchy. The productions are more hip hop based, which is definitely new for holiday songs, so I can commend her for thinking outside the box.

Of course, she sounds amazing in every song and her voice is on point, but she doesn’t showcase her powerhouse vocals a lot throughout this EP. I believe that she is trying to keep that relaxed tone to the album, so her voice is more airy and sexy.

Overall, I think the album is pretty good. It wasn’t something that I had to have, which surprised me because usually I am all over anything that Ariana releases. But one thing I can say is that a couple of the songs are starting to grow on me, so maybe I will end up purchasing the EP.

Favorite songs? The songs that I like are Wit It This Christmas, True Love and Winter Things. I especially love the Caribbean vibe of Winter Things. It makes me think of someone playing songs on a sunny beach. It’s so cool and relaxed.

Do I recommend the album? Yes, I guess. I think Ariana did a good job with these songs and I think she deserves credit for trying something new.

 Will I buy the full album? Maybe. Eventually. I was thinking about buying the three songs that I listed above, but I think it would be stupid to buy three when there are only six songs in total. I might as well buy the whole album. The others might end up growing on me if I listen to them enough and the whole EP is only $4.99 on ITunes, so why not?


With tons of hugs and kisses,



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